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February 17, 2006


Bonnie In Virginia

I completely disagree with these penalties. It comes as no surprise it is proposed by a man who seldom, if ever drives himself anywhere. I think that a private company should be investigating the work that is currently being done. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have driven by a road work site in Norfolk Va. - only to watch 6-10 guys standing around doing NOTHING. I see 3 Norfolk City Department trucks & 6-8 guys, sitting at "Hardees" getting breakfast at 9:30 in the morning on Tidewater Dr. The list goes on and on. An independent company should be in charge of watching the progress (or lack of) on these jobs. THAT is how you spend less, and get more. Get rid of the dead wood, and high people who will WORK!

Ed  Clark

Recently when I was on I-64 going thru HRBT east to west about 90% or more were driving l0 to l5 miles over the speed limit. I have also noticed this in Hampton and York County on I-64. This appears to indicate that 90% or more on I-64 may be abusive driving. If the speed limit is suddenly enforced dropping driving speeds to around 60 this may result in a big traffic backup.

Rebecca Johnson

All just another form of taxation from the goverment.. Be happy that you don't live in canada where we're taxed about 20% more then americans on average

Chris Ness

Even though I don't live in Virginia this law terrifies me. When the purpose of a ticket changes from correcting behavior to raising revenue, the incentive to abuse the system increases dramaticly. In the old days speed traps existed for a twenty dollar ticket, now the temptation is driven by a $2500 fine and a $350 a year extra tax for three years. And anyone could think that the police and officials won't cheat?
My only relief is that I no longer have to drive through Virginia and the Washington politicians and bureaucrats do.

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