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May 01, 2006



I agree with the majority of your expungment explanations. However, you did not take into consideration the "deferred prosecution plea." It's different than deferred judgement, I did not enter a plea for a class I misdemeanor but I agreed to a 6 month probation period and after 6 months, the charges will be dismissed. I have no prior criminal record. Since I did not plea guilty or no contest, and I still have access to a trial if I violate my probation, my lawyer says I still qualify for expungment after 1 year.

Robert Brownie

I was looking for information on getting a shoplifting charge expunged but I see that if you plead guilty you can not get it expunged. Is there any way to get a pardon from the courts. My shoplifting charge was almost 7 years ago. Is there a time limit for how long a misdemeanor will show on my record?


In 2003 I was found not guilty and had charges dismissed for a Urinating in Public charge under the condition that I returned to the court in 6 months to prove that I had not committed any further crimes, which I had not. I am now interested in having this information expunged from my record, however, I am wondering if because I had to "satisfy certain conditions" that I am ineligable for expungement. If this is the case, is there any way to plea my case to a judge for an expungement. I am a professional with a graduate degree and although I was not charged with any crime, the Urinating in Public charge appears on my criminal record stating it was dismissed. I find this very embarrasing and prejudicial when apply for employment or volunteer positions, is there any thing I can do?

Charles Homiller

If you did not plead guilty, and were never found guilty by the judge, you should be able to apply for an expungement of the charge.

Russell Johnson

In 2001, I was taken to the course for the case of embezzlement, a felony case. I begged, and pleaded my attorney (a public defender) to request proof to substantiate their claims against me, but was told to hush up by him and the judge told me one more outburst, and I would be sent from the room. There was a signed confession by me, who at the time had never been into ANY sort of trouble, and was told by the loss prevention people, sign it or go to jail I felt was the only option. 10 years later, I have NOT gotten into any trouble whatsoever and I am interested to know if there is anything I can do about this now?

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